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Indie developer Huskrafts, supported by Outersloth (Among Us), revealed their epic spacefighter roguelike debut Rogue Eclipse at today's Summer Game Fest

Rogue Eclipse is an epic spacefighter roguelike for the new age. Master your piloting prowess, taking down merciless armadas and colossal behemoths while blasting your way through destructible environments, in an epic sci-fi setting inspired by Arabesque Futurism. Easy to learn, tricky to master, and impossible to put down.

You are a pilot on the front lines of the war for humanity’s future. Try, die, and try again, throwing yourself into pitched space battles against swarms of starfighters and armadas of starships in the deepest reaches of the void. Delve into hulking enemy behemoths and blast your way through destructible environments, upgrading your starfighter and honing your skills to vanquish a merciless evil that threatens the entire cosmos.


  • Edge-of-your-seat spaceflight action, easy to learn and difficult to master

  • A destructive arsenal of weapons to choose from

  • Upgrade, customise and personalise your starfighter as you progress

  • Roguelike structure that keeps you coming back for more

  • An epic space opera setting inspired by Arabesque Futurism



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