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Golf-inspired physics game Birthday of Midnight celebrates console release

Ratalaika Games & Petite Games are proud to announce that Birthday of Midnight will be released onto Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 consoles this week.

From the creators of Midnight, Midnight Deluxe, and 36 Fragments of Midnight comes another round of golf-like action fun!

Everyone’s favorite fairy is back and ready to be once again launched into the sky. But as always, treacherous obstacles like spikes, circular saws, and plenty of other dangerous hazards are par for the course. To earn a perfect score you must accurately complete each level in the minimum number of strokes, providing an additional layer of challenge.Do you have the skill to swing for a hole in one?


  • 70+ engaging levels that get progressively harder

  • New dangers to overcome

  • Piano soundtrack to complement gameplay

Birthday Of Midnight will be priced for $4.99 / € for all platforms, and it will launch on:

  • PS4 America: September 29th

  • PS4 Europe: September 30th

  • Xbox One: September 30th

  • PS4 and Nintendo Switch (Japan): October 1st

  • Nintendo Switch (NA & EU): October 2nd

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