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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Review (Nintendo Switch Version)

From the creators that brought us Slayaway Camp comes Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle. The amount of content in Slayaway Camp was unbelievable, and Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle continues that trend. The 150 challenging puzzles, the comical death scenes, and the charming wittiness will certainly make this game worth your purchase.

The Tip and The Top

As stated above, this game has 150 puzzles in total – that is a lot of killing! And each puzzle adds something different or unique so that it feels fresh when you are going through each one of the puzzles.

The game breaks down the puzzles into different levels, and each level consists of 13 different puzzles. In each puzzle, you guide Jason around a board, killing the people in each puzzle so that you line up Jason with the X on the board, where the final person to kill will appear.  

You are taken to a mini game when you are about to kill the last person on the board. The game consists of a cursor that moves back and forth across the bottom of the screen and the object of the game is to stop the cursor in the red section.  Stopping the cursor will cause the death scene of the last character on the board to occur. The death scenes are pretty gruesome (if you are playing on the R rated setting) but comical at the same time as the voxel-ated nature of the characters lessens the goriness of the game.

As you progress through the game, the puzzles become more and more challenging and incorporate different aspects to keep things difficult and fresh.  For example, there are kitties that are located on the board that can get in your way; killing one of these kitties will cause you to fail the puzzle.

You are guided through the game by the floating head of your mother in the upper left hand corner.  Before some puzzles, she’ll provide some small humorous dialog, to which you respond “Alright Mother” or “Yes Mom”.  Mother also provides you with hints, if you need it. You can also ask Mother to skip a level or to provide you with the solution to the puzzle, if you are really stuck. You also have the ability to rewind if you find that you made a mistake, which makes the more difficult puzzles easier to manage.

After you beat the 13 puzzles in the level, you unlock the Jason outfit that was used in the level.  Unlocking the different Jason’s will allow you to use the ones you really like in future puzzles. You can also unmask Jason, but Jason just isn’t Jason without his mask. 

You also “level up” by killing the people in each puzzle, filling up Jason’s Bloodlust – if you fill up the hockey mask with blood, you level up and unlock new weapons to use in the game.  This is where the game really shines, as using different weapons unlocks different death scenes to watch as Jason will incorporate the different weapons in his killings. Some of the weapons are just silly too, for instance, like a book.  How can you kill someone with a book? Well, Jason can find a way!

If all that wasn’t enough, there is also the daily death puzzles.  Completing a daily death puzzle 13 days in a row will unlock another Jason for you to use in the game.  These puzzles are very challenging and Mother will not provide you any hints or show you the solution in this mode.

And if that still wasn’t enough, there is also the killing spree where you play the killing mini-games in a row to see how many people in can kill in a row without making a mistake.  Killing so many people in a row will also unlock a new Jason for you to use. What makes this mode also fun is the fact that there are music tracks to listen to in this mode – different bands playing Friday the 13th themed songs for you to enjoy as you play these mini-games.  That was an unexpected treat!

The Flip and The Flop

The game does a great job with doing what it set out to do – providing you a really fun and challenging experience playing as Jason. There isn’t anything that stands out that could be improved.

Final Thoughts

The puzzles in Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle are challenging but short enough to enjoy in short or long bursts. The death scenes are just plain comical to watch and you will find yourself using different weapons to experiment with to see all the different death scenes. The mass amount of puzzles, the endless killing mode, and daily challenge mode will certainly keep you busy.  If you enjoyed Slayaway Camp, you will definitely love Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle.

Review copy provided by Blue Wizard Digital



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