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Freedom Games Reveals New Games, Delivers Updates on Exiting Indies at PAX Online 2021

Freedom Games broadcasted an hour-long showcase at this year’s PAX Online. The digital event featured over a dozen games, including recent best-seller Dark Deity, anticipated upcoming titles such as Dreamscaper and Sand of Aura, and new additions to Freedom’s lineup including Sky Fleet and 9 Years of Shadows.

New faces in the Freedom family made their debut in the show. 9 Years of Shadows, a breathtaking and emotionally driven Metroidvania from Halberd Studios capped off the event, with Sky Fleet, the co-op tower defense game where battles take place on floating islands from ENNO LLC, kicked off the event, with, and Clouzy!, a wholesome adventure about exploring inviting biomes with a floating pet from the folks at Tinymoon following suit.

Following its surprise launch at E3 2021, Dark Deity developer Sword and Axe discussed their acclaimed turn-based tactical RPG in an extended developer interview. Afterburner Studios also shared an update on Dreamscaper, the surreal rogue-lite action RPG set to launch for Steam and Nintendo Switch on Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021.

Freedom also provided additional interviews and peeks at Coromon, the monster-taming RPG set to capture PC and Nintendo Switch fans’ hearts in Q1 2022, as well as dog shelter management title To The Rescue! and feline-focused bistro sim Cat Cafe Manager.

Adventurers were afforded a chance to learn more about Anuchard, the civilization restoration action RPG, with an all-new interview from developer stellarNull, while would-be space farmers found new hope among the stars with a trailer for Aurorian StudiosOne Lonely Outpost. Dungeon crawling has never looked more appealing than in Sands of Aura, the open-world action RPG set in the dying days of a forgotten land from Chashu Entertainment.

Rounding out the show were updates from titles on the horizon. New interviews from Airborne Kingdom, The Wandering Band’s acclaimed aerial city-builder, and Microwave Games’ deadly game show racing platformer Slaughter League set the scene for the diverse gameplay offered in Freedom’s catalog and was followed by Ruin Raiders, the anthropomorphic tactical roguelike from OverPowered Team, Monster Outbreak, a retro-inspired tower defense survival game from GameMunchers, and Tower Rush, the action-packed recruitment game from Megalope.

To learn more about Freedom Games and the publisher’s upcoming suite of games, please visit the official website and follow @freedomgamesgg on Twitter.



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