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Fire Tonight Shines at The MIX’s Game Dev Direct

Fire Tonight, a narrative puzzle experience from developer Reptoid Games and publisher Way Down Deep, illuminates The MIX’s Game Dev Direct showcase with an all-new gameplay video.

Inspired by the song Fire Tonight from the synth-pop band Information Society’s 1990 album Hack, the game follows a couple’s journey to reconnect in a burning city.

Meet Maya and Devin, Fire Tonight’s dual protagonists.

When an inferno engulfs their metropolis in the early-90s, the young couple must find safety amidst the fearsome flames, overcome their personal hang-ups, and ultimately reunite without the help of modern tools we take for granted like cell phones.

Help Maya avoid the heat! Dodge flames and the fuzz by solving puzzles to move through the city. Can Maya evade the danger all around her and find her way back to Devin?

Calm Devin’s nerves as he paces around his apartment awaiting Maya’s return. Interact with objects in the apartment to learn more about the couple’s past.

Fire Tonight is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam for Windows PC and Mac in Q2 2021.

For more information, add the game to your Steam Wishlist and visit the official website



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