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Creating Magic Under the Big Top: The Making of Death Trick: Double Blind

Every so often, a conversation reignites that childlike spark of wonder we all hold dear, and our latest chat with Jenny and Mari of Misty Mountain Studio does just that. They share their journey from RPG Maker enthusiasts to indie game creators, weaving the tale of their brainchild, "Death Trick: Double Blind." Set against the vibrant backdrop of a 1950s American circus, they unfold the mysteries and inspirations that drove their detective game's creation. Step right up and listen to how a shared past, a passion for narrative, and a dash of nostalgia have brought to life a world where the enchanting allure of the circus meets the gritty reality of its existence.

It's not just about the big top and its bedazzling acts; it's the soul of the characters that brings our discussion alive. The duo delves into the heart of their cast, from Yan's cultural richness to Aideen's intricate web of relationships and how personal experiences shaped these digital beings.  So, take a seat and prepare to be captivated by how Jenny and Mari artfully balance the whimsical and the profound, ensuring that each player leaves the show with memories as vivid as the most spectacular circus performance.

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