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ConnecTank - Mesmeric Action puzzler Experience

ININ proudly presents a really unique game that calls for players who are not afraid of any challenge that combines action, with exciting tank battles, together with puzzle solving. ININ, the publisher through the SLG Partner Store, is excited to be releasing ConnecTank on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch with a Physical Boxed Limited and Special Limited Editions.

With its unique presentation, colourful and enchanting art style, the game’s premise is intuitive, challenging and inventive. Skill and teamwork is needed to fight rival tanks where 1 - 4 players can be a part of this 2D action adventure game.

Set in what can best be described as a factory, which is not the kind of setting you would come to expect, players view the action from a slightly off centre top down view. It's bold, it's colourful and help is always on hand!

Build new tanks and take on jobs in an ever-changing world. Link conveyor belts together, craft ammo, and put out fires as you battle rival tanks to help Finneas Fat Cat deliver packages. Make deliveries for one of three barons that are seeking to become the top tycoon of New Pangea. Will you line Finneas Fat Cat’s pockets with more coins, amass an art collection with Lord Louis Longneck or help Emperor Pontius Penguin transport packages for the glory of the tundra.

Build up big honking tanks with rad designs to fight enemies and watch your skill and visions grow. Improve your existing tanks and get new tanks, not forgetting that each giant tank comes with its own skills, strengths and weaknesses. There are over a hundred missions, dozens of tanks to battle and each baron has his own drivers. Ironically as a driver yourself, whilst delivering your packages in a giant tank, you need to fight the rival shipping companies!

ConnecTank’s intuitive design ensures fluid gameplay and a collection of NPCs help progression and build momentum. Being a driver, in the bustling business world and defeating other tanks, means being skillful and precise with your weapons - exacting what, where and when to fire your cannons - is all part of the tanks you control. It really is dog eat dog with the opposing baron drivers.

A great variety of parameters are on offer to hone your skill and actions to progress. There is also a variety of vendors you can interact with and depending on which barron you are working with could affect the outcome.



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