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Caroline Walker Returns For A Terrifying New Adventure...Tormented Souls 2 Announced for Steam, Epi

The award winning survival horror series continues with Tormented Souls 2, coming to Steam, Epic, GOG, PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S. Guide Caroline through the shadowy halls of an isolated monastery as she searches for a cure to lift the mysterious affliction plaguing her twin sister, Anna.

  • The Story Continues - Following the chilling events at Wildberger Hospital, Caroline must now find a cure for the mysterious affliction gripping Anna.

  • A Sinister New Location - Travel to the remote South-American town of Puerto Miller, a reclusive community with a grisly past, that may yet hold the key to Anna's salvation.

  • Nightmare Fuel - Encounter terrifying new enemies lurking in the darkness. Remain vigilant of your surroundings to avoid a savage and merciless death.

  • Time To Improvise - Search your surroundings for rare items and assemble deadly makeshift weapons to protect yourself from the horrors that pursue you.

  • Mind-bending Puzzles - Uncover cryptic clues scattered throughout the environment and use logic and deduction to solve intricately designed puzzles.

  • The Original 'Tormented Souls' is on sale for up To 60% off On PC and Consoles starting tomorrow, 24th August!

  • Tormented Souls 2 Is releasing on Steam, Epic Games, GOG, PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S!


Caroline Walker is back in the sequel to the award-winning survival horror classic. In the wake of the Wildberger Hospital incident, Caroline yearns for a normal life. However, fate has other plans and Caroline’s sister Anna falls victim to a mysterious affliction. Conventional remedies prove futile as Anna slips in and out of consciousness, only waking to cough up inky globs of blood. With nowhere else to turn, Caroline looks to the supernatural and an ancient, forbidden ritual…


Puerto Miller, a remote South-American community with a disturbing past, was founded centuries ago by the secretive Ismuit tribe, a minor religious order that spurned connection with the outside world. But beneath the town’s crumbling façade lies an ancient, unspeakable horror. Guide Caroline through the shadowy halls of an infamous monastery, and stumble into nightmarish locations seemingly from another world.


Use logic and reasoning to forge connections between objects found in the environment and a wide variety of intricately designed puzzles. Inspect and combine items in your inventory to uncover clues and lift the veil on the dark mysteries that shroud your path. Engage in claustrophobic, pulse-pounding combat as you confront monstrous creatures using an arsenal of improvised weapons. In a world where every shadow could conceal a unspeakable horror, you’ll need to pick your battles and carefully manage your scarce resources in order to survive.

Tormented Souls 2 Is Coming Soon to Steam, Epic Games, GOG, PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S!



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