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Become an Unstoppable War Machine in Brutal Cybernetic Rogue-Lite KIBORG: Arena this Summer

KIBORG, the fast-paced action rogue-lite with brutal, cybernetic-enhanced combat from developer Sobaka Studio, receives an explosive prologue, KIBORG: Arena, this summer on Steam for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, as shown in a new gameplay trailer that premiered at Guerrilla Collective. The full version of KIBORG will pummel PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.

Fend off waves of foes with brutal efficiency as Morgan Lee, the leader of a ragtag group of resistance fighters on the prison planet Sigma. Strike with punishing hand-to-hand combat skills, blast mechanized soldiers with firearms, and deploy cybernetic-enhanced abilities to devastate bloodthirsty baddies. Learn to dodge, block, and parry adversaries to set them up for the killing blow. 

KIBORG: Arena finds Morgan Lee, who sends the clones that fight on his behalf out on missions, fighting in the Sigma’s Coliseum. Here, Morgan’s clones will square off in bloody battles against other denizens of the prison planet for the cash to help keep his resistance going. KIBORG: Arena also features Endless Mode, which spawns an infinite amount of increasingly difficult enemies to overcome.

Gather resources to unlock permanent upgrades, form alliances, and research forbidden technologies to gain the upper hand in the full version of KIBORG. The Substance, a plague of nano-bots infecting everything in its path, has infested Sigma and left the prison planet under strict quarantine. 

Delve into procedurally generated missions where vicious enemies and brutal challenges await. Deal with the varying factions vying for control and survival on the planet’s only megacity. Make each decision carefully as missions take place in a single day. With each victory and loss, the story moves forward with no game over screen to turn back from. 

“I’ve always wanted to create a game that combines my love of roguelites and brutal action games,” said Dimitry Kachkov, Head of Sobaka Studio. “I hope as players experience the KIBORG: Arena, they experiment with every augment and weigh their choices throughout Morgan’s story.”

KIBORG: Arena launches this summer on Steam for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.



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