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8-Colors Star Guardians Review: A Clever and Adult Comedy Twist on Power Rangers

Platform reviewed: Nintendo Switch

Also on: Steam

Price: $4.99

I never really got into Power Rangers as it was released during a time when my taste in shows was changing. Apart from some general knowledge, I can't say much about Power Rangers. However, my kids absolutely love the Power Rangers and have been dedicated fans of all the different versions. So, when I began reviewing 8-Colors Star Guardians, they insisted on watching me play the game. Unfortunately, the game contains a lot of adult humor and themes, so I had to ask them to leave the room while I played. Nonetheless, this was fortunate for me because I wouldn't have enjoyed a mere copycat of Power Rangers. The unique writing and dark humor in 8-Colors Star Guardians make it an enjoyable and distinctive game.

The plot centers on five female guardians who assume the role of Earth's protectors against monsters and aliens. Although the backstory is limited, most of the story unfolds through the conversations among these five guardians. Each guardian wears an outfit resembling that of Power Rangers and possesses unique abilities that prove valuable in the boss battles.

The gameplay revolves around a boss rush-style of play, where players must strategically choose three guardians from a limited pool to defeat each boss. While it is billed as a role-playing and action game, I find it more akin to a puzzle game. The key to success lies in identifying the most effective abilities to survive each boss encounter and selecting the corresponding guardians. Failing to defeat a boss prompts the guardians to discuss the boss’s weaknesses, dropping clues and allowing me to make the right choice in my next attempt. Beating a boss will provide the guardians with extra abilities.

The highlight of the game is definitely the writing. Besides the clever hints dished out after losing to a boss, there are also hilarious moments shared between the guardians. They discuss crushes, and one guardian even shares the absurd story of learning to fish with hand grenades from her mother. These conversations often involve adult humor and dark comedy, adding an extra layer of entertainment. It’s clear that the witty banter is tailored for a more mature audience, particularly those who grew up watching Power Rangers.

After finally defeating the ultimate boss (despite numerous deaths along the way), the credits rolled, and I assumed the game had come to an end. However, I was surprised that there was actually a second chapter waiting for me. Without giving away any spoilers, I can say that this new chapter takes place a year after the events of the first chapter, and it is the hilarious unfolding of events and the amusing writing that truly sets this game apart and makes it such a fun experience.

Final Grade: B

8-Colors Star Guardians brings back the nostalgia of Power Rangers, appealing to those who grew up watching the show. Its standout feature is undoubtedly the writing, which cleverly incorporates adult humor and dark comedy. Although I initially anticipated a typical roleplaying game, I was surprised to discover that the game leans more towards a puzzle-solving experience. It requires strategic thinking to determine the most effective abilities for defeating bosses. The game is reasonably priced at just $4.99, so if you are looking for a more “adult” version of The Power Rangers, give 8-Colors Star Guardians a try.

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