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Wonderland Nights: White Rabbit's Diary Out Today

Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, together with developer Sky Bear Games, is delighted to announce a weird and wonderful ‘play’ on Alice in Wonderland in Wonderland Nights: White Rabbit's Diary. Released today, 27th January 2023, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. The player assumes the role of the White Rabbit in a world of make believe.

Features include:

  • Lots of replayability

  • 42 achievements, 14 characters

  • 25000+ words in almost 3000 lines of dialogue - each playthrough only reveals at most 1/12th of the whole fabric of the story

  • Fully voice-acted dialogue

  • Gallery with 36 pieces of unlockable art

  • Choose between simple choice menu for first time players, and the drag and drop choice menu for the power players! With randomizer, repeat and reset functions

  • Player codex containing unlockable information about characters' relationships, secrets, motivations, player goals and event history

  • There are 16 different political endings to unlock.



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