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Weekend Video Game Warrior #77

It's the weekend and time for another edition of The Weekend Video Game Warrior! Here's what we are playing this weekend!


Roger Reichardt - Reviewer/Host of The Dialog Tree Podcast/Co-Host of The Nindie Focus Podcast

I'm hunting more behemoths in Dauntless and I'm really loving the new hunt pass. Other than that, I downloaded Minecraft Dungeons. I'm excited to try this game out, and especially excited to play this game with some of my friends. I'm going to put some time into Dead End Job. It's the game that Phil picked for us to review next on The Nindie Focus Podcast and the game looks great, so I'm excited to give it a try. Finally, I have my chores to do in Animal Crossing, which I don't mind doing.


Phil Hoff - Reviewer/Site Contributor/Co-Host of The Nindie Focus Podcast

This weekend, I'm going to try and wrap up Mummy: Demastered as it's a boatload of fun. I'll get some time in with *spoiler alert* Dead End Job. Try to continue and unlock the Signature Version of Jackie Robinson in MLB the Show. Probably putz around with some Rocket League Heatseaker as well.


Mike Ryan - Reviewer/Site Contributor/Host of The Controller Throwers Podcast/Co-Host of the Nindie Focus Podcast

This weekend, I will play some more Animal Crossing, as well as finish up my adventures in Resident Evil 6 and mayyyyyybe start playing Mafia 3?


Jordan Lemos - Co-Host of the Nindie Focus Podcast

This weekend I'll be playing as much of The Last of Us Part II that I can mentally and emotionally handle. When I'm not playing it, I'll likely play a different kind of killer in Dead by Daylight, or yet another different kind of killer in Valorant. I should probably play some more relaxing games too, so I'll likely focus on some Lumines when I need a break.


Christian Kobza - Site Contributor/Review Editor

I finally finished Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door last weekend, and I've surpassed the 100 hour mark in Final Fantasy XIV while completing the base game's story questline. However, I'll have to temporarily put my online Final Fantasy adventures on hold while I focus solely on trudging through The Last of Us 2 this weekend.


Karrington Martin - Site Contributor/Co-host of the Real Dudes Podcast

I'm gonna give a shout-out to "Sunday Rivals" I'll be showing off the pre alpha to some friends. It's a lot of fun! As always gotta give say PSO2 cause well it's here in America and time for me to re up my subscription. Thanks to my dad getting a new gaming laptop I will be driving into Star Wars The Old Republic with the family.


That's what we are playing. What are you all playing? Let us know in the comments below!



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