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Weekend Video Game Warrior #21

It's that time again, here's another edition of the Weekend Video Game Warrior. This weekend we'll be playing as a bartender, as a cook, a superhero, and an explorer, drifting through space.


Roger Reichardt - Gamerheads Podcast Co-Host/Reviewer

I'll be playing some more SteamWorld Quest and then I'll be digging into the gritty Va-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action. Getting to play as a bartender in a cyberpunk world...who wouldn't want to play that?


Blue Williams - Gamerheads Podcast Co-Host/Reviewer

I'm hopelessly addicted to Cook, Serve, Delicious 2. Send help.


Mike Ryan - The Controller Throwers Podcast Co-Host/Gamerheads Co-Host/Reviewer

This weekend I'm playing more Yoshi's Crafted World, as well as Marvel's Spider-Man. I'll also be on the retro hunt to see if I can find any PlayStation 2 games. Particularly, I'm on the lookout for Maximo: Army of Zin.


Phil "The Chef" Hoff - The Phil and Roger Show Co-Host/Site Contributor

This weekend, when I'm not cooking or wearing a scarf and chanting with 20k fans, I'll be attempting to wrap up a game I've been playing for review, as well as finishing my placement matches for Overwatch. Fine, there will also be some game called MLB the Show 19 involved too.


Landon Burlingham - Reviewer

Yo yo I’ve been getting into No Mans Sky again so I’ll be playing a bit of that along with some Overwatch and a touch of Rocket League.


What are you all playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!



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