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The Real Dudes Podcast: RDP Interviews Tobias Fossheim

Today Karrington is able to speak with Tobias from Krillbite Studios. Tobias came to talk about their new project "Sunlight".

Sunlight is a short, vibrant and thought captivating exploration game. Journey into the uncharted forest, guided by the harmonized whispers of the trees. Each tree with different voices, genders and dialects, speaking as one. Taking artistic inspiration from expressionist painters like Monet and Munch and focusing on a powerful 3D audio experience with breath-taking choir work, Sunlight will leave you feeling entranced and in wonder in this artistic approach to telling you a story. Playtime: 30 minutes.

Krillbite Studio is an independent game developer creating unique and innovative game experiences. The company was founded in 2011 by graduate students who went on to develop and publish the critically acclaimed horror title Among the Sleep in 2014, a game that has since been ported to Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Our most recent game is called Mosaic, and is a story about our modern society and lifestyle. We are constantly exploring the interactive space with new ideas and concepts.

Website -

Everything is connected, and Sunlight is no different. For every copy of the game that is downloaded, a tree will be planted. Read more here -



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