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The Next Combo of Hard Hitting Content Arrives Tomorrow for TEKKEN 7 in Season Pass 4 DLC #16 and #

The next content update for TEKKEN 7 is arriving November 10th, ushering the entry of Kunimitsu as a new playable character and a new playable stage with the Vermilion Gates.

This latest update will also feature enhancements in game balancing, new moves, revamped user interface, rank system renewal - including a new rank of TEKKEN God Omega, TEKKEN Prowess performance tracking, online gameplay improvements, and a fun PAC-MAN 40TH anniversary collaboration which features a PAC-MAN stage (playable for a limited time) and numerous PAC-MAN themed customization items.

Check out the video below to see these TEKKEN 7 updates in action:

TEKKEN 7 is available now in the Americas for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PCs via STEAM.



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