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The Gamerheads Podcast: Wreckfest, Donkey Kong Country 3, and Franchises That Should Return

Tim, Phil, and Christian are joined by Johnny from Retro Blissed to talk about...what games! Phil’s fooling around with Wreckfest, Christian is cruising through a couple more Pokemon games, Johnny is doing his darndest in Donkey Kong Country 3, and Tim is still mopping up in Fortnite. The primary point of discussion for this week’s episode is the dormant franchises we’d like to see come back. Remember when Konami actually made video games? Or when Activision and EA weren’t churning out annualized sequels? All that reminiscing and more is on this week’s episode of the Gamerheads Podcast. Check out the website:

Music by:

Komiku - Escaping the Collapsing Universe

Komiku - Run Against the Universe Scandinavianz - Rocky Mountains


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