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The Forgotten City, A Time Loop Murder Mystery, Is Coming To Xbox One

It was announced today that The Forgotten City is not only coming to PC, but will also be making it's way to Xbox One late 2019. A demo of the game will also be available for play at PAX East.

The game revolves around the last day of 26 trapped adventures as they live the same day over and over again, as they try to break the cycle.

This is a re-imagining of a very popular mod for Skyrim.

Stride PR had this to provide with the announcement:

“This version of The Forgotten City retains all the beloved gameplay elements from the original mod while upgrading pretty much everything,” said Nick Pearce, writer and creative director, Modern Storyteller. “We’ve overhauled the setting, characters and story in the hope that fans of the mod will enjoy the experience even more than they did the first time. This is the story I always wanted to tell.”

The Forgotten City will be available in English. Localized subtitles and text will be available for German and other languages.

About Modern Storyteller

Modern Storyteller began as Nick Pearce’s one-man modding team. After creating a wildly successful mod which won a national Writers’ Guild Award in 2016, Nick left behind a ten-year legal career and formed Modern Storyteller to create games telling emotionally engaging, intellectually stimulating stories in a way that helps gaming reach its full potential.

To learn more about Modern Storyteller, please visit the official website.

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