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The Cryptmaster: The Making of a Word-Based RPG

Welcome to another episode of The Gamerheads Podcast. What happens when a laborer, linesman, and teacher decides to leap into the world of gaming? Meet Lee Williams, the creative mind behind the innovative game, The Cryptmaster. Lee joins us to share his unconventional journey and how his passion for writing set him on the path to game development. From crafting short stories to participating in game jams, Lee's story is a testament to following one's passion, regardless of twists and turns. Alongside his partner Paul, who handled the coding and artwork, Lee has crafted a unique word-based dungeon-crawling puzzle RPG that promises to captivate and challenge players.

The episode also uncovers the behind-the-scenes process of voicing the CryptMaster character. Initially intended for a professional voice actor, Lee's own voice brought flexibility and authenticity to the role, drawing inspiration from old B movies and horror icons.  

Join us for a fun and insightful episode filled with anecdotes, development tales, and the passion that drives the world of indie game development.

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