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Rhythm game meets adorable platformer, Songbird Symphony musical trailer released!

Feel the rhythm of the night!

One genre that seems to be lacking on the Switch are rhythm games. Joysteak Studios and PQube are looking to rectify that with the game Songbird Symphony.

Scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC, Songbird Symphony looks to combine platforming and rhythm gaming genres to the masses.

Below is the latest press release along with a new trailer as well.

Learn about your true heritage in challenging rhythm battles

On the quest to learn more about his true legacy, Birb follows every lead he can find! Doing so, he does not always end up with benevolent characters like the wise owl, but also crosses the paths of mischievous troublemakers! No matter the encounter, earn their respect in challenging rhythm battles and help little Birb to find more about himself!

Find musical notes and embellish the background music

In Songbird Symphony, you are able to influence the background music with your puzzle-solving skills! The more creatures you help out on your way, the more musical elements are added to the background until you unlock the perfect symphony. Giving a hand to a friendly bee will, for example, make the spiders go up and down their web strings in joy, creating a lovely melody!

Move to the beat to progress through the levels

Connect the movement of platforms, doors and many other elements with rhythmic inputs and find a new way to enjoy classic jump'n'run gameplay! Listen closely to the rhythm and press the right buttons at the right time to fly through the singing, dancing levels of Songbird Symphony!

May the music guide your wings! 

Songbird Symphony is a musical adventure that tells the heartfelt story of Birb, a small orphaned bird that one day wakes up alone in a strange forest and is picked up by the slightly hyperactive but caring Uncle Peacock. Somewhat like in "The Ugly Duckling", the other birds reject the chick for looking different, which doesn't keep little Birb down and he embarks on an adventure to find out about his heritage



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