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Review: Read Only Memories - Comic Issue #1

Based in the world of the cyber punk game, 2064: Read Only Memories, a new comic book series, simply called Read Only Memories, is set in the time between the first game and the up coming sequel, Read Only Memories: Neurodiver.

The comic book series follows a character from the game, Lexi River, an ex-police officer, now turned private investigator. The story opens up with her meeting her target at a high end establishment. Lexi is hired to determine if the target is cheating on her significant other. Very much like pulp fiction or noir series, the case that starts the comic isn't the main story plot, as Lexi is approached by a robot that almost blows her cover. The robot wants to hire Lexi to find her true love, a robot who has gone missing. After some hesitation, Lexi agrees to take on the case. And this is the real meat of the story.

The artwork in Read Only Memories is fantastic. The color scheme gives a sense of a futuristic, film noir feel to it. It's edgy and beautiful and brings the pace and feel of the comic book alive. There was probably a few ways that the artists could have approached this comic, ranging from black and white, to a retro, pixelated style, but I'm glad that they settled on the style that they did. The angles that are used and the colors that are used portray the cyberpunk world that the game is based in.

The story is well written, not giving too much background but just enough to get the reader hooked into the story. It's great to read a comic book that isn't just about another super hero. The story explores questions about what is love and what does it mean to have human emotions and have compassion for others. Are these feelings only specific to humans, or can artificial intelligence also have these emotions?

Final Grade: A

You don't need to have played the game to enjoy the comic book. But after you read the book, you'll want to jump into the game. I'm excited for where this story goes and look forward to reading the next issue.

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