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Review: Cat Quest II

The sequel to the hit game Cat Quest (read our review here), Cat Quest II follows the story of two legendary kings (one is a cat, the other is a dog) brought back to reclaim

their kingdom from the warring fiefdoms of the Lupus Empire and Felingard. The game is an action RPG, similar to the previous game, however, the newest entry allows you to play single-player or couch co-op.

The Tip and The Top

What is great about this sequel is the fact that it took the basic formula from the previous game and added to it. Sequels can be tricky and making changes to the game mechanics can harm or hurt the follow-up. That's not to say that there hasn't been additions to the game, but the basics from a game play perspective are still in the game. You have a basic attack, spell, and quick dodge.

The game mechanics are easy to pick up. There isn't intricate RPG mechanics; yes there is leveling up your character, and there are weapons, armor, and wands you can pick up in the game, and you can level these items up with the blacksmith. But it's not complicated, which makes it great for fans of the RPG genre, both veterans and those new to the genre.

Visually speaking, the game is beautiful. Your characters run across a world map, that looks like something that is straight out of a fantasy novel. The characters are vibrant and come to life through the visuals and the dialog.

There is plenty offered in the game. Besides the main quest, there are plenty of side quests as well. Not only does this add depth to the game, but offers additional ways to level up your character, without just having to grind through the game.

Newly added to the game are wands - which allows you to do ranged attacks. In addition to the wands there are some two handed weapons that are added to the game as well. The new additions are very welcomed, and allows you to customize the way you play the game.

The biggest addition is the ability to play co-op. While it's only couch co-op, it does the couch co-op well. You can also play single-player, switching between either the dog or the cat, and the AI controls the other character. The AI is very well done in this case, as the AI controlled character will throw down a well placed heal (if you have that spell assigned to the AI character).

The Flip and The Flop

There isn't much to complain about the game. The only thing that I found annoying was the fact that if you can't switch between quests. So if you picked up a side quest, and you find that the side quest is a bit higher level than you intended, you can't switch back to the main quest.

Final Grade: A

That final point aside, Cat Quest 2 is another great entry into this series. The game builds upon what it did well in the previous game, and adds the co-op ability. While it might be disappointing that co-op isn't available online, the couch co-op is done very well in this game. Be prepared to read more cat puns, as this game is as cute as it is mechanically sound.

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