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Review: Boomerang Fu

The deliciously cute Boomerang Fu arrives on the Nintendo Switch. But it's delectably deceiving, as it's much more hardcore than it first appears.

The game is a battle arena game, where you get to select different foods to battle it out with boomerangs. Up to six players can play at one time (couch co-op only). If you don't have that many players, you can also throw in bots, if you so choose. You can also set the difficulty of the bots to easy, normal, or hard.

There are a few different battle modes you can play in the game. The game defaults to most kills. Each round will tally up the number of kills you have in that particular round. The round of play ends when there is only one player left standing. Then, a new round begins until a player reaches the total number of kills necessary to win the game.

What's unique about this battle mode, is that you can turn on team play, and in that case, it's the winning team is the team that reaches the goal of the number of kills necessary to win the game. In the team mode, you also have the ability to resurrect fallen allies, by standing over their bodies. This will allow a meter to fill up. Once it's full, the ally is brought back to life. This is easier said than done. The fact that the game is fast paced and chaotic makes it difficult to stand in one place for too long.

Another mode available is the last man standing, battle royale mode, where the last person standing wins that round. This mode is a bit more difficult than the first mode of racking up kills. There isn't a team mode in the last man standing battle type.

The final mode available is the probably the most difficult game mode, but the most interesting, the Golden Boomerang mode. In this mode, you earn a victory in a round by holding onto the Golden Boomerang. Holding onto the boomerang will allow for a meter to go up. If you fill the meter, you win the round. Just like the other modes, the overall winner is the one that reaches the overall win goal first. What makes this game mode trickier, is the fact that when you throw the boomerang, the meter is gone. It's stressful to determine if it's better for you to hold on to the boomerang and run or to toss it at an enemy so to save your life.

There are several different arenas that are randomly chosen. Each one has some unique aspect to it. For instance, you might be in an arena where there are switches that will cause the walls to slide and crush your opponents. A well timed boomerang could snag you the win. Another example is an arena where the floors are slippery which causes your character goes sliding across the arena.

One of the best features of the game are the power ups you find in the arena. These range from exploding boomerangs to the ability to toss multiple boomerangs. One favorite is the disguise power up. With this power up, standing still will cause your character to blend in with the surroundings, maybe becoming a vase or a rock. This is really fun when an enemy is hiding next to you as you jump out of the disguise and place a well aimed toss of your boomerang.

The game is quite fun and is a great game to play during a get together with friends. One setback is the fact that, because there is a lot of action happening on the screen at one time, it's hard to play this game in handheld mode, as it's a bit too small. Another feature that we would have liked to have seen is multiplayer online.

Final Grade: A

Boomerang Fu is a top notch party game that offers different game modes for you and your friends. The different arenas and power ups will allow for some laughs and competition. It's unfortunate that there isn't online capabilities with the game, but the game is priced to be a local couch co-op game.

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