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Prepare for a ludicrous and ridiculously large rodent-sized adventure like no other as PM Studios teams up with Studio Bravarda to launch the highly anticipated "Extremely Powerful Capybaras." After wowing crowds at PAX East, the colorful and frenetic horde-mode survival roguelike is set to make its grand debut on August 30th, inviting players to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with excitement and surprises… and lots and lots of capybaras. To celebrate the announcement, PM Studios is pleased to announce an all-new “Training Grounds” demo for Extremely Powerful Cabybaras. Completely free to download, players can get a taste of the online multiplayer, the first main Arena and first big Boss plus the first playable version of the overhauled Hub for players to hang out and upgrade their Capys. Play it now on Steam!

"Extremely Powerful Capybaras" redefines the horde-mode survival genre with its innovative roguelite elements and up to four-player online and local multiplayer. Players can anticipate endless replayability with a selection of four base classes and the opportunity to unlock additional classes over time, ensuring a fresh and undeniably “Capybara-ish” experience with every playthrough. “People say that the cutest rodents in the world are Guinea Pigs.” said PM Studios CEO, Mike Yum. “But they’re wrong. It’s clearly the massive and adorable (and sometimes stinky) Capybara. And what better way to pay homage to these magnificent beasts than by gathering four friends and slaying tons of monsters with extremely powerful capybaras? Do you like how I worked in the game title there? Anyway, you should probably play the demo, if you like games that are awesome.” Key Features Include:

  • Begin with four base classes, with plans for future free updates featuring new maps and character classes.

  • Enhance class power mid-run through Class Evolutions, unlocking potent synergies.

  • Earn in-game currency via gameplay to purchase weapons, abilities, and class upgrades, amassing wealth through greater power.

  • Online multiplayer for up to four players, as well as local multiplayer supporting up to four players, with Steam Remote Play.


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