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Neo Aztec Shooter arriving on Nintendo Switch & Xbox One

If you're a fan of shumps, then you'll want to keep an eye on Neo Aztec Shooter, arriving on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One July 24th. Below is the press release for the game:


Pawarumi is an electric, neuron reactive, 3D shoot'em up set in a futuristic yet pre-Columbian inspired universe. Featuring a game mechanic inspired by rock-paper-scissors: it lets the player maximize damage, heal its shield or charge a super attack, simply by shooting with the optimal weapon on the right enemy type.

Created by France Indie developer, Manufacture 43, Pawarumi is set to make an impact very soon on Nintendo Switch™ and Microsoft Xbox One.

Mastering the fast-paced, and challenging, original game mechanic, conveys a strategic experience, which is quite novel in the genre.



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