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Metal Bringer: A Challenging Action Rogue-Like with Customizable Characters | PAX West Preview

Metal Bringer, an action rogue-like where players can customize their character, caught my attention at PAX West among the many offerings by Playism. The game proved challenging but a fun and interesting game. I also had the opportunity to interview the developer responsible for creating Metal Bringer.

The Bringer series includes Metal Bringer as its second game, with the previous installment being Samurai Bringer. Metal Bringer takes place in the future and features a young girl named Suria as the protagonist. Suria awakens from cryosleep in a laboratory 1000 years into the future. She embarks on a quest to find humanity and battles against numerous enemies along the way.

One of the aspects I love about Metal Bringer is the customization. You can change your character's appearance and outfit them with several different guns and melee weapons. You have the flexibility to choose which weapons you want, allowing you to play the game the way you prefer.

The fantastic artwork of the game has a retro feel to the pixelated characters and environment, yet it plays and feels like a modern game. It is evident that the developers put a lot of focus into making the game feel retro but play well.

The game poses a tough challenge, and I experienced numerous deaths. However, there exist "disks", which are apps that you can install onto your character. Installing these disks enhances your character's abilities, making them more powerful. This intriguing feature motivates you to dive back into the game, even after experiencing multiple deaths.

As mentioned, I chatted with the developer of the game. I recorded the interview live on the floor of PAX West.



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