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Footgun: Underground is Coming to Steam in April 2024

Action Roguelike Footgun: Underground, the debut from Turtle Knight Games and CobraTekku Games (CTG), combines roguelike and soccer in an innovative way where strategy and action collide. To coincide with participating in the Steam Next Fest, the developer will release a brand new, updated version of the game’s demo, which is available now; players can prove their skills with the futuristic ball weapon, where precision and anticipation are key. Permadeath and randomly generated runs make each session unique, ensuring a challenging and varied gaming experience.

Footgun: Underground challenges players in a gloomy pixel art arena. To escape the underground labyrinth, players must navigate their way through a dangerous web of deadly challenges and hostile creatures. The game's innovative combat mechanics combine soccer and billiards elements, in which the respective level environment such as walls, ceilings and other balls can be used to eliminate enemies. Different ball properties and enhancements, such as flight behavior and elemental damage, which are unlocked during the course of the game, enable tactical components to against particularly strong boss monsters.

 Key Features

  • Innovative action gameplay that combines roguelike and soccer with randomly generated pixel-art style runs

  • Different underground biotopes, 14 post-apocalyptic enemy types and unique boss monsters

  • Character upgrades, almost 20 different balls with various special properties and more than 20 high-tech upgrades for strategic moves



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