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Fight Crab Snaps Steam in its Claws July 3

First rule of Fight talk about Fight Crab

A lot of games are being discussed as part of the Summer Games Showcase. Our friend at Stride PR sent us the following information about Fight Crab.

Press Release:

Fight Crab, the clashing crustacean combat arena brawler from publisher PLAYISM and developer Nussoft, claws its way into the ring on Windows via Steam on Monday, July 30, 2020, as revealed in the IGN Summer Games Showcase.

When the Crab Nebula reaches its zenith in the night sky, all shellfish fight for glory and the title of ultimate champion. Combat pits crabs in 1v1 or 2v2 co-op and versus battles across more than 10 dynamic stages such as a child’s playroom with a model train that can run over coral combatants, a banquet hall with a chandelier amphibious assailants can pull down on foes’ heads, and a terrifying crab death-factory known as the supermarket.

Battle to the death with nearly 50 deadly weapons and more than 20 cranky crabs, each with different playstyles and characteristics including different weights, arm lengths, and more. The salt-water fresh trailer also showcases new weapons to use against fellow crustaceans like drivable scooters, historically accurate medieval weapons, and devastating pile bunkers.

As battles boil on, giant crabs attack for massive damage to fill a damage percentage meter. Raise an opponent’s battle damage to make it easier to flip them on their pathetic backsides. Keep them there for three seconds to claim victory and send the disgraced loser to the pot for dinner.

“One shall stand, one shall be flipped,” said Masafumi Onuki, founder, Nussoft. “Creating something as hilarious yet sweat-inducing as Fight Crab has been a journey full of joy and tartar sauce. Get ready for kaiju-sized crabs to destroy cities with beam sabers and rocket jets. I don’t think everyone is ready for the chaos I’ve created here.”

Fight Crab will launch on Steam in Japanese, English, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) for $19.99 USD or €16.79. 

For more information, please visit the Fight Crab official website, follow @crab_fight on Twitter, and search #fightcrab_game on social media.



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