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Exploring Atari's Impressive Booth at PAX West: Qomp2, Lunar Lander: Beyond, and Arcade1Up Machine

While at PAX, I visited Atari and was impressed by their booth. They had a bunch of games on display to play, as well as hardware and merch. I had a chance to play some of the games they were showing off, and I got hands-on with the Arcade1Up Atari 50th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Machine.

The first game that I’ll highlight is Qomp2, developed by Graphite Lab. The premise is simple: You must help the Pong ball navigate through puzzles after it escapes from the Pong game. A single-button command allows you to change the ball's direction. However, the game is much more challenging than it initially appears. At times, you'll need to navigate through walls with spikes, and at other times you'll utilize portals to slow down when you get sucked into them. The level designs are brilliant. If you're a fan of puzzle games, keep an eye out for this one.

I checked out another game called Lunar Lander: Beyond, which is gorgeous, and the art gives off an anime vibe. In this game, you navigate through different levels while collecting gems. The faster you can get through the level, the better your score. Additionally, there are several different ships that you can unlock, each with a range of abilities, allowing you to find the ship that best suits your style of play. The most interesting part of the game is the hallucinations that appear on the screen. As your pilot becomes more stressed and tired, these illusions will appear. And some of them were pretty creepy.

Finally, I experienced the Arcade1Up Atari 50th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Machine. This cabinet includes over sixty games, making it the Arcade1Up machine with the most games to date. The console features a joystick, ball, and paddle controls to cater to the wide range of games available. Moreover, the machine stands out with its sharp appearance, thanks to the gold trim and black body. Adding this machine to your arcade collection is a must.

Atari impressed at PAX West with their overall showing. I have been a huge fan of Atari for a long time, and seeing what they are working on and bringing to the gaming industry warms my heart.


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