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Bright Memory Opens with New Features, Localizations in Early Access

Bright Memory, a high-octane, visually-stunning first-person shooter made by a single developer at FYQD Studio and published by PLAYISM, receives an Early Access update today on PC adding new graphics options, voice-overs, and other improvements.

The full game, titled Bright Memory: Infinite, will explode onto Steam in Q4 2020 with console versions to follow. Owners of the Early Access version of Bright Memory will receive the full PC version, Bright Memory: Infinite, at no additional cost upon release.

Until then, Steam Early Access players can enjoy a variety of new visual options, including 90, 100, and 100-degree field-of-view options, chromatic aberration, and ultrawide support. Controller rumble support is now implemented and the English and Japanese localizations have been fully revamped with dubbed voice-overs featuring talent such as Ishikawa Yui, who portrayed 2b in Nier Automata and Mikasa in Attack on Titan.

Lay waste to enemies with a mix of gunfire and fast-paced swordplay. Dodge attacks with a smooth dash, then quickly dish out damage, juggling foes to keep them off-balanced and racking up massive combos. Unleash a powerful pulse ability to obliterate barriers and extinguish fires, then knock enemies into the air, making them vulnerable to swift melee strikes. 

In the year 2020, a mighty material is discovered capable of reviving the dead. The private military company SAI will stop at nothing to claim this powerful new substance for themselves, and infiltrate the base in which it is stored. When defending the compound, Special Operative Shelia accidentally activates the teleporter SAI used to penetrate the fort, warping her and the SAI to a continent floating over the north pole, where due to the substance revived creatures once assumed to be of myth, such as dragons and demons, are resurrected alongside humans. 

Bright Memory is made by a solo developer based out of Guangxi, China. Inspired by AAA first-person shooters and combo-driven action adventures, he has used ray-tracing and other techniques to create a breathtaking and realistic visual aesthetic rivaling the work of larger teams.

“Playing AAA shooters inspired me to make games, and I aspire to create an experience on par with my favorite titles in quality and polish,” said Zeng, developer, FYQD Studio. “The visuals may be the first thing to catch your attention, but it’s the tight, visceral gameplay wrapped in a fusion of classical myths with futuristic technology that will keep you playing.”

The new Bright Memory update will be available on Steam Early Access in Japanese, English and Simplified Chinese at no cost for current players. New players can join the fray at a sale price of $4.68 USD.



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